Friday, March 18, 2011

Kirsten's Cooking Classes in San Miguel de Allende

What I most of all like to show in my classes, no matter which cuisine, is that making tasty meals with fresh ingredients is so easy and healthy.
When teaching students from other nationalities here in Mexico, I like to give them a deeper understanding of Mexican cuisine and culture.
Please go to “UNESCO in the Mexican Cuisine post.” You will be surprised.
Mexican Food:
Options for classes range from making crisp and delicious salsas and rich tasting seasonings, traditional holiday meals to complex moles. Seasonal ingredients are always a helpful guide for choosing the menus for my classes.
Italian, French, German and Scandinavian cuisines and more. My father had an exceptional love and interest in food, which I gladly became part of. His native Bavarian dishes were his first love
and later he collected recipes on his travels to France, the Mediterranean and Morocco. I became his sous chef early in life when he was cooking at home.
When living in Denmark, my mother’s home country, I gained a deep appreciating for its cuisine.
I read Babette’s Feast by Karen Blixen when I was 10 years old and I think it paved the way for my pursuit of culinary explorations for the rest of my life.

Single Subjects:

Pasta making, baking (bread, cakes, cookies), preserving and freezing.
As we are looking to a future concerned with saving energy, there are many ways to preserve foods without it. We can learn by looking back.
Inner Beauty:
As we are finding out more about how beneficial healthy eating is, learning how to prepare delicious healthy meals is in big demand. Healthy eating can be practiced in any cuisine of the world.
Outer Beauty:
There are many wonderful remedies in your kitchen that also can be used as beauty products. As an example, I always tell the story of Estee Lauder, who concocted her first beauty products in her kitchen.

Day trips to food producers, such as cheese makers
a mole factory, honey co-ops or wine makers will give an up close insight into locally produced organic and artisinal products.

All cooking classes are 55. USD or Mexican Pesos at current exchange rate. Payable in cash. Sorry, US restrictions no longer allows deposit of US checks in Mexico.
Classes are 2 to 2 ½ hours long, followed by a meal or tasting with non-alcoholic beverages. Recipe booklets are included.
Excursions vary depending on location, but generally are more or less the same as classes.
Class Format:
Classes require a minimum of 4 students. They are mostly demonstration style with some hands-on experience.
Classes can be taught in English, broken; but understandable Spanish, German and Danish.
Class Schedule:
Until further notice, classes and locations are by appointment.
I am also able to travel to other locations, I am comfortable with TV apperances or addressing a large audience.
Please contact Kirsten West Classes require 4 days advance notice; excursions depend on availability of location
Buen Provecho! Bon Appetit!

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